Non-NC and National Label Releases

The Adorables     Charlotte   
"The Drive/ Baby Come And Get It" (Peacock 1924)   with Don Thompson Combo

Nick Allen     Durham 
"For A Change/ WDUR-Don't Stop" (Budweiser Showdown BS1002)   1983   A-side by One Real Band

Frances Alston     Greensboro   
"You Are All I Need/ Inst." (Spin-Chek 10303)   also on Lady no #

Anthony & The Aqua Lads     Kannapolis   
"The Heart That's True/ I Remember" (Goldbee 1650)

The Appreciations     Charlotte   
"Far From Your Love/ Afraid Of Love" (Jubilee 5525)   1966
"There's A Place In My Heart/ She Never Really Loved Me" (Sport 108)   1967
"Gimme Back My Soul/ It's Better To Cry" (Sport 111)   1968

Authentiks Unlimited     Raleigh until 1975 and Washington, DC from 1975   
"Heaven Only Knows/ I Want To Be Close" (Cosmos Enterprise, Inc. 4704)   1976   Washington, DC label

Backyard Heavies     Charlotte   
"Soul Junction/ Expo '83" (Scepter 12314)   1971
"Chitlin' Strut/ Humpin'" (Scepter 12343)   1972
"Just Keep On Truckin'/ Never Can Say Goodbye" (Hot Line 102)

Black And Blue     Greensboro   
"What I Got/ Going Back To Miss Annie" (Mercury 73011)

Blue Steam     Durham     (aka Formula 12)    
"Where Is She/ I Want A Girl" (Catamount 133)   1975
"Where Is She/ I Want A Girl" (Catamount 133)   as Formula 12

Cal Brandon     Enfield?     (aka Skeeter Brandon)    
"I Kept On Smilin/ 24 Hour Love Man" (Bareback 528)   also on Hitman HM-711

Janice Bullock     Fayetteville   
"I Don't Want To Wake Up (Feelin' Guilty)/ Whatever You Want (You Got It)" (WRC 86-202)   with William Bell
"Do You Really Love Me/ I'm Riding High On Love" (WRC 87-206)
"Right Love, Wrong Man/ Same" (WRC 87-207)
"Don't Start A Fire/ Same" (WRC 87-208)

Brief Encounter     North Wilkesboro    
"I'm So Satisfied/ Don't Let Them Tell You" (Seventy-Seven 123)   1972
"(Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You/ We're Going To Make It" (Seventy-Seven 132)   1973
"I'm In Love With You/ Just A Little Notion" (Seventy-Seven 903)   1974
"What About Love/ Get Right Down" (Capitol 4229)   1976
"In A Very Special Way/ Get A Good Feeling" (Capitol 4426)   1977
"Total Satisfaction/ Human" (Sound Plus 2179)   1978

The Capitol Driffters     Angier   
"Let There Be Peace/ I'm So Glad" (Mozel M-116)

Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts     Carrboro
"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box/ Pt. 2" (Jubilee 5536)   as Doug Clark & The Nuts
"Milk The Cow/ Go, Doug, Go" (Jubilee 5546)   as Doug Clark And The Nuts

Chuck Cockerham     Greensboro   
"Have I Got A Right/ Hey There" (Mala 12036)

Ben Collier B.B.S.S.     Greensboro   
"Walk Proud/ Salute To Black Women" (Atlantic 2763)   also on Tina 900 as Jay Jay Bailey

The Communicators and The Black Experiences Band     Durham   
"One Chance/ Is It Funky Enough?" (Turbo 037)   also on Duplex 1304

The Daydreams     Greensboro
"Part Of Your Love/ (Just To Keep Up On) The Lovin' Side" (Dial 4029)   1966
"Easy Baby/ Here And Now" (Dial 4034)   1966
"Been Ready For A Long Time/ Sit Down And Think" (Dynamo 107)   1967

The Delacardos     Charlotte     (only releases 1966 and after)    
"She's The One I Love/ Got No One" (Atlantic 2368)   1966   also on Q-City 1001
"I Know I'm Not Much/ You Don't Have To See Me" (Atlantic 2389)   1967
"They Put A Spell On You/ A Fool For You" (Atlantic 2419)   1967

Demoria and The Cosmicnauts     Winston-Salem?   
"Experiences/ Popcycle" (King's Music City 5102)   1979

The Differences     Durham   
"Five Minutes/ That Was The Day" (Mon'ca M 1783/ 4)

Hal Driggers     Greensboro?   
"Brown Baggin (Barefoot)/ Black Pepper" (Atlantic 2383)   also on Cheeco 663/ 4
"You Can Tell By The Way They Wear Their Hair/ Gotta Have Somebody To Love" (Star Time 2219)

Electric Express     Greensboro  
"Bee Pee/ I Can't Believe We Did (The Whole Thing)" (Avco 4607)   also on Linco 1003

The Eliminators     Winston-Salem
"Give It Up/ Blood Donors Needed (Give All You Can)" (BRC 113)   1974

Inez Foxx     Greensboro     (some releases with brother Charlie Foxx, as indicated)    
"Mockingbird/ Jaybirds" (Symbol 919)   1962
"Broken Hearted Fool/ He's The One You Love" (Symbol 922)   1963
"Hi Diddle Diddle/ Talk With Me" (Symbol 924)   1963
"Ask Me/ I See You, My Love" (Symbol 926)   1963
"Hurt By Love/ Confusion" (Symbol 20001)   1964
"La De Da, I Love You/ Yankee Doodle Dandy" (Symbol 201)   1964
"Don't Do It No More/ I Fancy You" (Symbol 204)   1964   with Charlie Foxx
"I Feel Alright/ My Momma Told Me" (Symbol 206)   1965   with Charlie Foxx
"I've Come To One Conclusion/ Down By The Seashore" (Symbol 208)   with Charlie Foxx
"Hummingbird/ If I Need Anyone" (Symbol 213)   1966   with Charlie Foxx
"Baby Give It To Me/ You Fixed My Heartache" (Dynamo D-127)   with Charlie Foxx
"Speed Ticket/ We Got A Chance To Be Free" (Dynamo D-134)   with Charlie Foxx
"Watch The Dog (That Brings The Bone)/ You Hurt Me For The Last Time" (Volt 4087)
"Circuit's Overloaded/ There's A Hand That's Reaching Out" (Volt 4107)

Gaston     Gastonia     (previously known as The Magnificents)    
"Clock In/ My Queen" (Hotlanta 7802)

Gin And The Gents     Greensboro     (The Gents later known as The Versatile Gents)    
"Teenage National Anthem: Boy And Girl/ Dreams For Sale" (Miss Thing 1934)   also on El Dorado ER-102

Chris Harris     Charlotte     (previously of The Delacardos)    
"Rifle Man/ You Really Fooled Me" (Dial 4023)   as Chris Harris and The Soul Agents
"Why Can't We Get Along/ So Much Soul" (Dial 4075)   as Chris Harris & The Invaders
"Dr. Funky/ Tell 'Em I Am Who I Am" (Dial 4084)

Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour     Charlotte   
"You're Twenty-One Today/ Your Love" (APT 26011)   1972
"Don't Take Her For Granted/ The Real Thing" (Chelsea 3067)   1977

Janet And The Jays     Greensboro   
"When You Lose/ Lost My Best Lover" (Hermitage 825)

Barry Jones     Greensboro   
"Let's Do The Funky Boogaloo/ Pt. 2" (Dial 4073)   1968
"Turkey Walk/ I'm The Great Lover" (Backbeat 618)   1970

Charlie Jones     Winston-Salem   
"She's A Right On Girl/ I Feel Like Humming" (B and B 8001)   1980

Toby King     ???   
"Itch And Scratch/ I'm Ridin'" (Sound Plus 2103)   1972   as Toby King And The Fame Gang
"Mr. Tuff Stuff/ For The Good Times" (Federal 12573)   1973
"Operator/ Love One Another" (Deesu 306)   also on Cotton 1001
"First Man To Die From The Blues/ Country Bump" (Drive 6236)
"Rock 'N' Roll Will Stand/ Country Bump" (Drive 6241)   1975
"Party Heavy/ Pt. 2" (Chelsea 3066)   as Toby King And His C.B. Gang

The Magnificents     Gastonia     (later known as Gaston)    
"Dynamite Party/ Treat You Right" (Ken-Tone 409)   with Rayfield Reid
"Do The Whole Rock/ Voice Of The Flower" (Ken-Tone 76004)

William McDougal     Greensboro     (aka Billy Mack and Little Mack)    
"In The Midnight Hour/ You Can't Love Me (In The Midnight Hour)" (Atlantic ???)   as Little Mack & The Boss Sounds (with Ann Mason)
"I Can't Sleep/ Son Of A Lover" (Miss Betty 34)   as Billy Mack   also on Tina 501

Jesse McFall     Charlotte     (stage name of Duke Hall)    
"Tell Me When You're Ready/ Same" (RCA 10954)   1977   as Jesse McFall And The Jesse Mack Class Reunion

Little Al McLaurin & The Maxidynes     Charlotte   
"Grab Your Pardner (And Do Your Own Thing)/ Laugh Now Boy" (Silver Fox SF-4)   as Baby Al & The Capps   also on Shell 69-73

Joe McLean     Charlotte???   
"Let's Talk About Love/ Pt. 2" (Ego 202)

The Mercury Band     Charlotte   
"Don't Waste Your Life/ A Million Years" (Philippe P-7-102)   1982   Arlington, VA label

Billy Mills     ???     (of Pic & Bill)    
"Monkey Time/ Under The Pines" (Charay 61)
"Sad Memories/ Easy Goin' Fellow" (Seventy-Seven 77-111)

The Modulations     Durham   
"Who's Going To Lose/ Share Your Love" (Mozel 101)
"I'm Hopelessly In Love/ What Good Am I" (Buddah 398)   1973
"I Can't Fight Your Love/ Your Love Has Me Locked Up" (Buddah 418)   1974
"Worth Your Weight In Gold/ I'll Always Love You" (Buddah 497)   1975

Cornell Moore     Clinton   
"Send Me Someone To Love/ Too Much Soul" (Bedford 1002)

Mudd     Fayetteville   
"Anticipating/ Throw Down" (Chaka DP 803)

N.C.C.U.     Durham     (aka New Central Connection Unlimited)    
"Bull City Party/ Sleepy Time Is Over" (United Artists XW990)

The Objectives     Greensboro 
"Oh My Love (Come Back To Me)/ Love Went Away" (Jewel 751)

Odyssey 5     Winston-Salem 
"Got To Be An Answer/ ???" (BRC 115)

One Real Band     Durham 
"For A Change/ WDUR-Don't Stop" (Budweiser Showdown BS1002)   1983   B-side by Nick Allen

Onyx     Charlotte?
"I'm In Love Again/ WGIV-The Continuous Music Station" (Budweiser Showdown BS1024)   1983   B-side radio station montage

Opus VII     Winston-Salem     (previously known as The Superiors Band)    
"Love The One You're With/ Dreams" (Great World Of Sound 3988)
"People/ Same (Disco Version)" (Gram-O-Phon 45702)
"Dreams/ I Came Back" (Gram-O-Phon 45710)
"With This Ring/ I Love You" (Gram-O-Phon 45727)   1975
"With This Ring/ People" (Gram-O-Phon 45727)   1976
"Bussle/ Hit And Run" (Source 41121)   1979   as Opus 7
"The Way You Move Me/ Hey Big Brother" (Source 41175)   1980  as Opus 7

The Party Brothers     Greensboro     (also known as the Mighty Majors)    
"Let Me Be The One/ A & T's Party" (Canusa 505)
"Nassau Daddy/ Do The Ground Hog" (Nassau 100)
"Nassau Daddy/ Do The Ground Hog" (Revue 11046)

Pic & Bill     ???   
"Gonna Give It To You/ The Soul Of A Man" (Blue Rock 4073)   1969  also on Charay ???
"What Would I Do/ What Does It Take" (Charay 60)
"What Would I Do/ Patsy" (Charay 60)
"Patsy/ Together Till The End Of Time" (Charay 60)
"How Many Times/ Funny How Time Slips Away" (Charay 60)
"How Many Times/ I Love You, Baby" (Charay 60)
"It's Not You/ All I Want Is You" (Charay 67)
"This Is It/ Nobody But My Baby" (Charay 73)
"Cool/ Talk About Love" (Charay 74)   as Fiery Spartans; B-side is uncredited Pic & Bill song
"Talk About Love/ A Man Without A Woman" (Charay 99)
"Talk About Love/ For The Good Times" (Charay 99)
"Moments Like These/ ???" (Smash 2177)

Rayfield Reid     Lincolnton   
"Stick-Shift/ Treat You Right" (JSJ 405)   with The Supernaturals
"Dynamite Party/ Treat You Right" (Ken-Tone 409)   with The Magnificents

Roy Roberts     Greensboro
"Legend Of Otis Redding/ Got To Have Your Love" (Ninandy N-1011)   also on Boro 102
"You Move Me/ Pt. 2" (House Of The Fox 11)   as Roy Roberts Experience
"So Much In Love/ Inst." (Sugar S-S-1014)   1975

Reggie Saddler Revue     Hickory     (some releases with Janice Saddler)    
"Just Wait And See/ R.R.A.W.J." (De-Lite 545)   A-side also on Aquarius AQ-8700   B-side also on Eclipse ER-1004
"So Long Sweet Little Girl/ I've Been Trying" (De-Lite 548)
"Just Wait And See/ I Can't Account For My Actions" (De-Lite 556)   as Reggie Saddler, Janice And The Jammers
"My Baby's Coming Home To Stay/ ???" (De-Lite 558)   as Janice Saddler & The Jammers
"Love, You Can't Shake It/ ??? " (De-Lite 560)   1974   as Reggie Saddler & The Jammers

The Superiors Band     Winston-Salem     (later known as Opus VII)    
"Amateur Lover/ Darling I Love You" (Barvis 125)
"The Lady/ Pt. 2" (Barvis 319)   as The Superiors Band And Their Soul Singers

The Supernaturals     Charlotte     (also known as Free Spirit)    
"Stick-Shift/ Treat You Right" (JSJ 405)   with Rayfield Reid

Symbol 8     Greensboro   
"Party Life/ Who's That Sexy Lady" (Shock 5)   1977   as Symbol
"Prisoner/ Love's A Brand New World" (Shock 5)   1977
"I Thought You Wanted To Dance/ Pt. 2" (Midtown 108)   as Symbol-8
"I Thought You Wanted To Dance/ Call Me" (Shock 11)   1978

Don Thompson     Charlotte   
"Foxy Lady/ Pt. 2" (Babylon 1105)   1973   as Donny Thompson
"Fanny Brown/ Same" (Brunswick 55544)   1978

The Varios     Greensboro   
"Operator, Operator, Operator/ The Wash" (Amy 867)   1962

Lee Webber     Charlotte   
"Party Time/ Good Day Sunshine" (Chess 2056)
"Your Love's So Good/ Seventh Son" (Excello 2332)

Charles Whitworth     Greensboro     (re-located to NY in 1970s)    
"Guess I'll Have To Take What's Left/ Give Me A Chance" (Jewel 752)   as Little Charles
"I'll Always Love You/ Whip Ya" (Tayster TS-6019)   as Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD.
"Whip You/ Are You Experience" (Tayster TS 6020)   as Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD.
"Not On Your Life (Never In A Million Years)/ Hard To Satisfy" (Tayster TS-6021)   as Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD.

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs      Charlotte     (only releases 1966 and after)  
"Baby Baby/ Being With You" (Deesu 302)   1966
"May I/ This Feeling" (Deesu 304)   1966
"Ooh Poo Pah Do/ Pt. 2" (Deesu 307)   1967
"Surely/ Don't Ever Leave Me" (Deesu 309)   1967
"Don't Be Half Safe/ How To Pick A Winner" (Deesu 311)   1967
"Stay '68/ Dance Dance" (Deesu 318)   1968
"My Reason For Livin'/ The Four Corners" (Veep 1294)
"I Wonder/ There She Goes" (Souville 249)   as Shang
"Try/ I'd Rather Have A Memory Than A Dream" (440 Plus 4401)   1970
"Tomorrow/ Shaking And Breaking" (Seaside 115)
"First Love/ Forever Beach" (R&M 80529)   1980

Mike Williams     Charlotte   
"Love Have Mercy/ Draw With Me" (Atlantic 45-2307)   with The Tempest Band
"Lonely Soldier/ If This Isn't Love" (Atlantic 45-2339)   1966