Saxony     Durham   
SR 101   NCCU "Freak/ Superstar"

Sea Side     Tabor City         only soul releases
SSB-045/05   Fat Jack Band "Beach Fever/ Sweet Sensational Love"   1981   Myrtle Beach, SC group

SEP    Charlotte   
1001   Super Ego "We Don't Talk Anymore/ Time"

Shantee Fatina    High Point     1. 2.
R-2884   George Campbell And Kools Five "Sugar/ Get It On"   1974   also on Witch's Brew WB 121
483-13   George Campbell "Double Bump/ Pt. 2"   1974

Shell    Charlotte     1. 2.
8-9109   Little Al and The Maxidynes "Somewhere In This World There Is A Girl/ There She Is"
PRP-17631/ 2   Little Al and the Maxidynes "Lonely, Days Of My Life/ TCB (Takin' Care Of Business)"
69-73   Little Al & The Maxidynes "Do Your Own Thing/ Laugh Now Boy"  also on Silver Fox SF-4 as Baby Al & The Capps

Sim-Star     Winston-Salem   
RSR 1219   Vernon Sims and The Caliente Band "Tobacco City Boogie/ Dance With Me"   1981

Sir Ran Rap      Charlotte   
R-101   The Essence Of Life "You're An Angel/ Walking In My Shadow"   1973

Sok-It     Greensboro?   
CSS-759/ 60   Originals Orchestra "Who Dun It/ Philly Dog"

Solid Sound Recording Studio      Fayetteville   
SSR 4-25-88   Joe McLaughlin "You Hurt Me Girl/ Get High With Me Tonight"   1980s

9538/ 9   The Sounds Of Soul "Yes, I'm Ready/ So Much Love"   1971

Sound Facts     Raleigh   
S.F. 0002   Bart Jackson "Wonderful Dream/ Dancing Man"

Sound Hut     Kinston        only soul releases
544-37   Saints "Tell It To Your Love/ ???"
SHP 13006   Five Degrees South "My Love Is True/ Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You"
ASHP-3758   Walter Hill "You're All I Need/ Inst."

Sounds Sensation '68    Charlotte?   
8-8616   Swingin Sensations "There Is A Girl/ ???"

Speckled Rainbow     High Point    
6014-19   Frankie Staton and Speckled Rainbow "Bi-centennial - 1976/ Love One Another"   1976

Spirit     Charlotte        only soul releases
SP0102   Debby Dobbins "How You Gonna' Feel/ Hey Mr. Stranger"   1979
SP109   Sonja Grier "Take Another Chance/ Inst."   1985
SP110   Sonja Grier "Brainstorm/ Inst."   1985
SP102   Sonja Grier "Can't Hold Back/ Pt. 2"   1987

Spyder     Belmont   
SR 101-45   Bobby London and The Ambassadors "If There Is Anything/ Apple Of My Eye"

Stag     Greensboro?   
CSS-801/ 2    Sammy Hawks And The Satisfactions "You Don't Know Like I Know/ Day Tripper"

Starr Mount      Winston-Salem        only soul releases
CR-1003   Little Charles "Let's Talk (About The Women)/ Cool Teenager"
CR-1008   OC & The Originals "I Love You/ Alright"

Steppin' Stone      La Grange        
01   Curtis Brooks "I Never Got Over You/ Inst."   1989

Strut     Fayetteville    1. 2.
208418   Jay Thompson and the Soulful Strutters "Straight From The Heart/ Funky Strut"   1972   B-side with Bruno Speight
S-101   Soulful Strutters "Soul Delight/ Just Let Me Know"   1974
S-102   Soulfull Strutters "How Happy We Will Be/ Let Your Feelings Go"

Suddath     Charlotte       
SR-1216-53   Joanne Barnette "You Made A Woman Out Of Me/ Leave Me Alone"   1987

Sugarbush     Charlotte         only soul releases
SB-121   Larry Connor "Happy Child/ Cold Day"