Students Pan a Dancing Ban

In the fall of 1957, North Carolina’s State Baptist Convention upheld a 1937 ruling prohibiting dancing on the campus of Wake Forest. After burning Convention president Reverend J.C. Canipe in effigy, the entire student body staged a walkout during the next morning’s mandatory service at Wait Chapel. Nearly two thousand students bunny hopped across campus, dancing well into the night. The protest attracted the attention of Life Magazine, who published an impressive spread on the conflict, quoting an anti-dance delegate as saying, “Dancing deteriorates the spiritual atmosphere, wherever it takes place,” and campus sweetheart/baton operator Linda Kinlaw as saying, “The riot was more fun than a panty raid.”

Welcome to the new Carolina Soul website.

Welcome everyone to the new Carolina Soul website. I first launched this website in the Fall of 2005, at which time it served only as a discography, listing 45-rpm soul records released in the Carolinas back in the day, as well as soul artists from the Carolinas and their records that came out on labels from other parts of the country. Thanks to collectors and musicians who have shared information plus dumb luck on my own part in trawling the internet and the real world, this reference has grown since the initial launch, and the process of discovery tells me that there’s more to come, and that the listings will continue to grow. Now, almost five years later, we are re-formatting the discography to make it more browsable, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, please keep viewing the old discography here.

I’m also happy to say that the Carolina Soul website now serves a second purpose, to share news, articles, interviews, media, mysteries, etc. of Carolina Soul via our new blog. Many thanks to my friend Jonathan Kirby for encouraging me to add this exciting feature, and for signing on as a partner in its maintenance. We hope that it will be a means for us to share our passion for this region and its musical output, and also a forum for you, the audience, to help us learn more. We will be delighted to hear from collectors, musicians, and fans who can shed light on the music and turn us on to new stuff. Please feel free to comment on our posts and/or email us about contributing through guest posts. Thanks.


The Carolina Soul website serves as a living encyclopedia of soul music made in North and South Carolina. We strive to share Carolinian songs and stories of the last half century, and we invite the input of musicians and fans. We hope you will contact us if you have information on bands or recordings from the region.