A Star is Born in Reidsville

Garry Percell is one of the fundamental figures in the concentrated soul community of Reidsville, NC. Although Percell’s most recognizable Carolina contribution came as guitarist for beach phenoms Chairmen of the Board, Percell’s sonic portfolio contains a number of interesting indie releases, including this fine relic of below-the-radar boogie, “You’re a Star.”

The members of Style would converge at the Budweiser Superfest via three different outfits—Spectrum, Obladi, and the Butlers. Recognizing their collective potential, the groups incorporated, soon approaching Greensboro’s newly constructed Sound Lab Recording Studio. Smitten with the powerful nonet’s sound and compositional prowess, the Lab waived recording fees, minting “You’re a Star” on their house label, Panda. Their freshman folly was omitting the band’s name from the release, heralding a death knell for the fledgling imprint. Style would also disband soon after this record’s conception, leaving one to ponder, “What happened to all of those glorious uniforms?” 

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“You’re A Star” by Style


a) need to find this track somewhere because i can’t wait to blast it in my car. b) i think that “style” is the weakest of the names… maybe that’s why they never came back with another album? c) i bet my brother bought at least one of their outfits at some thrift store and is wearing it as we speak.

Posted by janique  on  03/02  at  07:34 PM

who has this record? I am interested! thank you

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