Anthony Hamilton’s Secret Hook

The shock waves of Carolina patriotism were still still being felt long after Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up” stubbornly evaporated from rotation in the early aughts. In 2004, Charlotte’s Crime Family penned their own anthem to the Old North State. Of the SEVEN individuals mentioned on this label, omitted is that of Queen City’s R&B King, Anthony Hamilton, whose breakthrough album Comin’ from Where I’m From had been released just months prior. Although nostalgic shouts to institutions like Bike Week and Myrtle Beach decorate this more-than-successful Carolina Rap relic, the Crime Family does a greater deal of block hugging and gangster posturing. Although I often question the authenticity (and more often the logic), of committing such court-admissible braggadocio to record, Charlotte’s Hidden Valley Kings, as revealed on that episode of Gangland (History Channel), practiced comparable caution. To aspiring drug dealers: If wire tapping devices start falling out of your customer’s pockets, be a little more skeptical of the “It’s radios and shit” explanation. However, to aspiring rappers: THIS is how you fit Michael Jordan, Julius Peppers, and Clay Aiken into one verse. Kudos. 

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“Carolina’s My Home” by the Crime Mob.

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