Dungeon Family

Preparing for Crossroads 2 at SECCA (Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, if you’re nasty) has sent me scrambling across Winston-Salem, screening bric-a-brac and artifact for the exhibit that will accompany this monumental concert event. Pictured here are several players and participants from Golden-Era Winston-Salem as seen through the lens of former parks employee and nightclub owner, Rodney Sumler. These very community events, everything from voter registration drives to portable concerts aboard the Showbobile, sewed the seeds for Sumler’s legendary Dungeon Club, which showcased too many Carolina Soul luminaries to mention (one, Odyssey 5, will be performing at Crossroads 2). These collages themselves were the basis for the monthly collages found in the pages of Sumler’s enduring AC Phoenix, which has served the Triad community for over 27 years. 

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