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Midnight Blue’s rendition of the Leiber-Stoller composition “I Who Have Nothing” is right up there with Moe The Rooster as a frequent topic of email received here at Carolina Soul, and in this case, the writers always ask how they can hear the song again. As a response, we are offering an mp3 right here in this blog posting.

Midnight Blue is clearly a well-remembered Columbia, South Carolina group, and this song in particular must have been their hottest. Indeed, within a year after its local release on Samarah, it was picked up by Motown of all labels. On the strength, Samarah gained some momentum and diversified beyond just releasing records, as shown by this 1988 listing in a trade journal:

The success of “I Who Have Nothing” must have funded more off-beat releases like King Clyde’s or a seasonal offering that I have yet to come across, “What Is Christmas Without A Toy?”, by Drake and Company, featuring saxophonist Skipp Pearson.

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“I Who Have Nothing” by Midnight Blue


Hello! I wanted to make a request for the mp3 to that song. My uncle has been dying to get that song, but no one has it, and I know that would be a perfect gift for him to at least get the mp3 for him! If you would please be so kind to email me the mp3, that would really mean a lot! Thank you and God Bless!

Posted by Derek Spann  on  07/09  at  10:13 AM

Hey Jason, dis is Vasaboo aka Romeo, former member of Midnight Blue.I was signed to Samaria as a songwriter by Mr. Hodge. For extra money started with the band as lighting/sound eng..later joining the band on stage a a backup singer.The went though several members over time, but Mr Hodge always ran a classy operation. Original lead vocalist Debra Bailey(the voice on “I who have nothing”)was and is still a great vocalist.She was later replaced by Sharon Harmon another great musician/singer(she could play drums,bass, as well as any. We did shows with “The Temptations”,played for Brooke Shields while she was at Princeton..Theres so much that was accomplished with this group, great musician.Mr Hodge isn’t doing so well now, but he is still the essence of “Class”. Thanks Mr Hodge,Myron Alford..>Jason give me a call if u get this803-673-8620..,

Posted by Melvin Sims  on  08/20  at  10:04 PM

You simply can not know how much hearing this rendition again means to me.  Right after high school I joined the military, and this song has seen me through events I don’t even talk about anymore.  Now I’m retired, and back in Columbia for good.

Over the years, I’ve spent well over $200 trying to get one good copy of this song (just the 45). 

Thank you.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  10/03  at  10:11 AM

hello from france,

thanks for the post

I like too the sylvester disco version from 1979


do you know if this is the same band who sing in 1983 ’ enjoy with me ’ produced by bobby robinson


Posted by Tonton Decibel  on  11/29  at  10:44 PM

I have look for years for this rendition of “I who have nothing”.  Can you help me get a copy of this song please?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/31  at  12:16 AM
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