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HSE (Hoyt Sullivan Enterprises) was an industrious gospel label, based out Greenwood, SC. Despite hundreds of records by nearly as many artists, little is known about label owner Hoyt Sullivan himself. Few artists who recorded for the label even interacted with the elusive beauty supply salesman, bringing into question how much input, if any, he had in shaping the wealth of religious recordings released on HSE and associated labels, including (but not limited to): Su-Ann, Ken-Tone, Sav-All, et al. Liner notes written by the Pickin County native shed some light on Sullivan’s commitment to his cause.

Let me tell you about myself. I am a sinner saved by the Grace Of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Before God came into my life I was an alcoholic, a thief and a liar. I was everything that the Devil wanted me to be. I am fifty-nine years old but really just twenty-two years old. That is how long I have been fighting the Devil.

Sisters Betty, Linda, Doris, and Miriam Gerald of Mullins, SC recorded numerous singles and albums for HSE. “Just Make It In” b/w “When I Get To Heaven,” was their second. Backed by their father on piano, the familial harmony and naturally incongruent sound of 8+ hands clapping make for a sturdy offering of down-home Carolina gospel.

Special thanks to the fine folks at JustMovingOn.Info for maintaing a phenomenal site, providing the Gerald Sister photo seen above, and for supplying terrific information on obscure gospel recordings from sea to shining sea. Hallelujah!

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“Just Make It In” by the Gerald Sisters


I have been Searching for any album From The Gerald Sisters for Years.Can You Please help me? Here is a little back ground.The sisters Betty, Linda, Doris and Miriam Gerald, accompanied by their piano playing father Rev. Hassie Gerald started singing at a young age. The Gerald Sisters of Mullins, South Carolina made their first recordings in 1972 for the then still in Greenwood, SC based HSE label. 

After 4 albums for HSE they moved to the much larger Malaco label from Jackson, Mississippi for 2 albums. They finished their recording career in 1985 back in the Carolinas on the last of Hoyt Sullivan’s record labels, True-Joy out of McCormick, South Carolina. If you have any information on where I can find one or all of these albums I would most definitely appreciate it.

Thank You

Tarralynn J. Fluence

Tarralynn J. Fluence

Single’s in chronological order:  HSE 420 At the gate I know
  Gone my last mile
  HSE 426 Just make it in
  When I get to heaven
  HSE 435 Standing on holy ground
  Who Jesus is
  HSE 437 Soon one morning
  What a time
  HSE 455 If I could hear my mother pray again
  Undying love
  HSE 464 Lord remember me
  The race
  Malaco 2323 Lead me
  Help me bear the tide
  Malaco 2328 I’ve got a right to the tree of life
  Let’s go to church


Albums in chronological order:  Gone My Last Mile HSE-1426 1972
  When The Sun Goes Down   HSE-1433 1974
  Must Be Jesus   HSE-1444  
  He’s Coming Back HSE-1479  
  Let Us Sing Malaco LP 4358 1978
  Tree Of Life Malaco LP 4367 1979/80
  Something’s Got A Hold On Me True Joy 109 1985

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I have tried to find something on the Gerald Sister’s for a while now. If it’s at all possible for someone to email me back to let me know how can I get all the music from them so that I may be able to play it on our radion station here in Elberton, GA.

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