Oh Jams: The Plight of the Jam Machine - Part Two

With the station’s livelihood and listenership on the line, the team of hammer-wielding engineers employed a ‘low-yield nuclear device’ to incapacitate the irreparable Jam Machine. A rational alternative to unplugging it, the machine’s final moments were miraculously captured on tape, marking a new beginning for the station. The first song of the new dawn? A hard-earned, unabridged “Teddy’s Jam,” succeeded by En Vogue’s “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It).” Individuals whose love we never received? Former jock and hope advocate, the Bushman, who has long-since relocated to Detroit’s WJLB, eventually portraying himself in the Eminem biopic 8 Mile. Kendall B, now at Denver’s KS 107.5, also declined to comment. Conspiracy? Thankfully Madd Hatta, who celebrates 15 years at Houston’s KBXX-FM, did reach out to Carolina Soul, confessing, “I was still part-time, so I wasn’t really a part of it, but I do remember it being funny.” Despite the surrendered ad revenue and inadvertent exposure to radiation, the Jam Machine Disaster of 1992 did push WJMH into the hearts and presets of Piedmont residents, giving an enduring platform to urban-contemporary visionaries like Color Me Badd, Freak Nasty, and Soulja Boy: a success story of Chernobyl proportions.

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The Plight of the Jam Machine - Part Two



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