Pack Jam

During ACC and NCAA tournaments of yore, Carolina Soul has enjoyed posting recordings with ties to Tobacco Road, spurring our own sort of musical March Madness. Our guest contributor is Charles McGaw, Tarheel and host of On the One on WRUW 91.1, which broadcasts every Sunday 8-10 pm in his adopted Cleveland.

Two of the things I enjoy most, I gained an appreciation for from the short time I spent with my father—soul records and ACC Basketball. When his 45 collection was given to me upon his passing, I finally got the chance to dig in and really spend some time with his records. As a UNC alumni, I wasn’t thrilled to find two copies of this NCSU David Thompson song, but since my father was a State man, I had to give them a listen. One record has the song listed as Fast David and the Wolfpack, the other Little David and the Wolfpack, both by the Embers on Pack Records. I grew up listening to a lot of beach music with my father, but didn’t remember this song ever being played. It’s always a gamble with these sports novelty songs, but I was optimistic. A tight little groove with funky keys and blasting horns—I was hooked on first listen! I’ll admit I prefer the instrumental of this tune over the vocal side, stating the greatness of the Wolfpack, but it does take me back to the stories my father would tell of David and his beloved Pack. No matter who you are pulling for this March, the song has one line I think we all can agree with—“The ACC don’t like to boast, but they’ve whooped them all from coast to coast.”

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“Fast/Little David and the Wolfpack” by the Embers

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