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The rarely mentioned significance of WQMG’s call letters says something about the Greensboro of yesteryear. After a week in the Gate City, I’m here to tell you that my article on Standing in the Shadows of Greensboro for next Thursday’s edition of Go Triad will give only a preliminary reading on the depth of Greensboro’s musical roots. Hopefully we’ll be able to offer plenty of supplemental information right here at Carolina Soul to help fill in the gaps.

The man pictured above is Curt Moore of Curt’s Records and Gifts, formerly of 2031 E. Market Street. Curt was a guiding light for this article. His pleasantly off-topic tales of characters like Jinxy Red and One-Armed Israel were a delightful diversion while traversing a half century of Greensboro history. Moore has a love and admiration for women that is unrivaled; his Wonderful World of Beautiful People and Miss Black Universe pageants provided a progressive resource for generations of young Black women. “See back in those days, the girls couldn’t go to the White pageants, so we gathered ideas,” explained Moore. “You know, why not give them scholarships? Why not try and create something empowering so they care about themselves? Nobody had ever tried it before, but it was pretty successful.”

“A Salute to Black Women,” released on Moore’s Tina imprint, was a ceremonious ballad that would play at each pageant’s closing. It’s pretty moving, and we’re offering it here to set the mood for a time-machine tour of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Walk proud,
Jon Kirby

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“A Salute to Black Women” by Jay Jay Bailey


Holy polaroid.

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One of thousands in Curt Moore’s Wonderful World of Beautiful People.

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