Star Search - The Leder Brothers

Upon the release of “I’d Like To Touch A Star,” Steven and Sheldon Leder were enamored with soul musicians like Stevie Wonder, but more likely to be mistaken for Steely Dan. Wilson, North Carolina, although a safe distance from the coast, was well-within the event horizon of beach music’s influential reach. So between regional sets by the Embers and treks to see Count Basie in some intracoastal bowling alley, the Leder Brothers kindled a manner of music they felt made dutiful nods to all of their influences. All one-thousand of them. 

Oddly, Steven and Sheldon Leder were not even the most famous Leder Brothers in Wilson County when this record (and the corresponding LP, Capitol Hill) materialized. Brothers Leon and Morris Leder got a forty-year head start, opening their own Leder Brothers enterprise in 1934, a department store which still serves the needs of the Tobacco-centric city to this day. Being recent emigrants from Eastern Europe, Leder Brothers catered to all residents, Black, White, or otherwise. Once Steven and Sheldon began demoing songs, scheduling gigs and recording dates, what better name than the reputable Leder Brothers? The name you can trust? Several of Leon’s children maintain the shop, a mom-and-pop (brother-and-sister, rather) stronghold for Wilson County residents seeking anything from Sunday Best suits to tube socks.

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“I’d Like To Touch A Star” by the Leder Brothers

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