Stillman-Davis Misdiagnosed

As with most Tarheel records from the 1980s, this is largely unlistenable. The term “novelty” only begins to contextualize the piano boogers, cowbell abuse, Huey Lewis sax-foolery, and wet-noodle vocal posturing that mar this attractive picture disc. What is actually pretty cool is the Switched-On rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever.” That I can live with. Although College Town records maintained a post-office box in Durham (strike one), the Stillman-Davis Band also produced a picture disc for the Fighting Illii, leading one to believe that the the hyphenated duo didn’t have Tarheel-specific Fever after all. Regardless, they’d clearly come down with something. I guess that’s what you get for messing around in Durham. 

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‘Stars and Stripes Forever” by the Stillman-Davis Band


I have a Stillman-Davis Picture disk of Clemson University. It has the same style music about “Tiger Town” on one side and Andy Griffith’s “What It Was Was Football” on the flip side. I guess they ran this promotion through every school in the south.

Posted by Wyatt Mattison  on  08/25  at  10:14 PM
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