“That Greenville Sound”

Pitt Records was the house label for Roy Matthews’ Pitt Sound Studio, located in Greenville, North Carolina (in Pitt County, consequently). Fans of typographical errors can relish the Southern Spiritual’s possessive properties or the gripping case of Want v. Won’t, while gospel fans are encouraged to suspend their grammatical standards and enjoy this optimistic ditty.

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“It Want Be This Way (Always)” by Robert Fuller and the Southern Spiritual’s


Nice. What’s the flip side? I have Pitt Records PSS-680 Waterside Male Chorus Wave in the Water” b/w “I Know the Lord Will Make a Way”.

Do you know anything else on Pitt besides The Uptighters? Looking for some more non-gospel tracks.

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The flip is “Thinking of a Friend” by Andrew Herring and Southern Spirituals. The Uptighters 45 is the only certified soul record on Pitt… we would love to be proven wrong!

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