Carrie    Greenville         only local releases
C-0037   "Bouncing" Cornell Blakely "Waiting For My Love/ No Other One"
C-0038   Gearlene Duckett "Please Don't Make Me Cry/ My Heart Yearns"
C-0039   Edward Hamilton (The Arabians) "Now You Have To Cry Alone/ Temptation Of Love"
C-0040   Mack Arnold And The Blenders "The Limbo Man/ Let's Get Together"
???   Mack Arnold "Please Stay With Me/ Our Love Will Last A Long Time"
???   Cornell Blakeley "You Ain't Gonna Find/ ???"

Champ     Columbia and Nashville, TN        only local SC soul releases
2030   Soul Impossibles "Interpretation - Soul Power No. 1/ Souladelic"

CJB     Charleston   
MW-221   Carleen & The Groovers "Hot Pants/ Can We Rap"

Cohen     Greenville  
CHR061780   Blackrock Educators "Isn't It Nice/ Give Into Love"   1979
102   Roadway Band "One Too Many/ Break Music"
CR 103   First Class International "Cold Blood/ Playing"   1984

Columbia World Of Music     West Columbia        only soul releases
0055-J   The Profiles Band And Revue "Boo-Koo-Stump/ Hurt By Love"