EQ 081   Otis Brown "Easy To Be Hard/ Same"   1983

Egatsno     Spartanburg   
No #   Next Up "Take Your Time Girl/ Inst."   1988

Emblem     Columbia   
S-100/ 1    Soul, Inc. "Good To The Last Drop/ What Goes Up Must Come Down"
S-103   The Melody Makers "Behind These Stained Glass Windows/ Don't Be Blue"   (not soul)
S-104/ 5    The Charms "If You Got The Notion/ You Don't Know"
E-107   Frank And Jack and the Monulanes "Soul Sister Annie/ When Your Baby Has Gone"   NYC address
E-108   Frank And Jack and the Monulanes "Count On Me/ The Day Will Come"   NYC address
E-109   The Charms Unlimited "What Goes Up Must Come Down/ Chapel Bells Are Calling"

Emerald     Greenwood        only soul releases
EM-102-R1   The Dynamic Chessmen "It's Alright You're Just In Love/ Coming Home"
EM-105-R2   The Dynamic Consouls "Raindrops/ Ask The Lonely"
EM-112-R5   The Unusuals "Because Of Love/ Take Time To Know Her"

Entertainment Enterprises     Columbia   
EE-101   Entertainment Unlimited featuring Cornelius Crawford "Have Faith/ So I Can Love You"   B-side by Cornelius and Carol
EE102   Carole Humphries "I Don't Want Nobody (Telling Me How To Love My Baby)/ I Can Love You"

Estill     Estill and Allendale   
BG-17   Benny Gordon "Last Train To South Carolina/ Don't Play It No More"   Brooklyn, NY address
565   Benny Gordon "Give A Damn About Your Feller Man/ Same"
600   Benny Gordon "So Much In Love/ Lonely Man"   1969
601   Benny Gordon "When I See Her I'm Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got/ So Much In Love"   1969
1000   The Charms "Soul Woman/ The Hold Bag"   B-side as The B.G. Soul Brothers   Brooklyn, NY address
1000   Benny Gordon "Sugar Mama (You Know You're My Baby)/ Pt. 2"   1973