The Label     Columbia?   
1112   The Singing Swinging Counts "Along The Way/ Tell Your Story Boy"
1113   Mother's Heros "Brother John/ Thing Of The Past"   (not soul)

Lebby     West Columbia    
2006   The Vontels "Ta-Hula Hoop/ Pt. 2"   1967
2024   Turf Tydell & Templars "I Got Her Love/ Poor Me"

Lorna     Columbia?   
3   Kip Anderson "I Could'a Been Sleepin'/ He Never Left Me Alone"
LR 1001   Kip Anderson "Jesus Sings With Me/ Pt. 2"   (gospel)

Love     Greenville   
CM 5663   Maestro & Company featuring Jay Poole "I Love You/ Funky Music (To Spank By)"   1978

Love     North Charleston    
7072-39   Primitive "You Are Everything To Me/ Sister Africa"   1977