Mable     Gray Court    1. 2.      only soul releases
C0019   Cornell Blakely "You Broke My Heart/ Don't Do It"
C 0020   Cornell Blakely "I've Got That Feeling/ I Want My Share"
N.B 5663   Jay Poole "I Love You/ Funky Music"   1978
M 105   Ike Strong "Boogie Land/ Your Love Keeps Me Dancing"   1979

Mammoth     Rock Hill    
MR-1220   Benny Hall "Let Them Talk/ I Need You"

Manujothi     Anderson   
SDS-80917   Manujothi "Shake Your Body/ Inst."

Mark V     Greenville        only soul releases
20-66   Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen "They Don't Want Us Together/ I'll Pay The Price"   1964
40-26   Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen "Go Way Baby/ Pretty As A Picture"   1964

Mar Kim     Aiken   
ONA 6001   One Night Affair "Its Been A Long Time/ Trust My Lovin"   1984

Masterpiece     Columbia   
MS 2008   Bill Nelson & Danny Spencer "Seasons/ Neblina"   A-side featuring Ricky Strickland
MS-2014   James Knox "Running From You Love/ Let The Music Move Ya"

Mastertone     Greenville   
4014   C. Vaughn Leslie "Ain't It Like I Told You/ Hold It"

Mid-Ric     Columbia   
BB-00-005   Soul Aces "Getting In The Groove/ The First Time Around"

Mirror     Fountain Inn    
SDS-811017   C.F.D. & Co. "Today I Want You/ Disco Hop"

MJS     Columbia   
No #   Romeo "Burn Me Up/ Same (Disco Mix)"   1984

Moe The Rooster     Florence    
No #   Dynamite Singletary "The Funky Mule/ Git Down"
NR-1492   Southern-Airs "Lord Jesus/ Operator"   (gospel)

Mo-Groov     Greenville   
7-8240   Nomads "Somethin's Bad/ Tell Her No Lies"

Mohawk             only soul releases
MM-45-1055   Roy Johnson And The Outlaws "Forgive Me Baby/ Why Am I Treated So Bad"

MRC     Columbia   
1001   Julius Cobb And The Soul Messengers "Excuse Me/ Stranded"

Music-GO-Round     Columbia   
MGR-001   "Sensational" Little Doc & His Rhythm Express "Looking For My Baby/ Pt. 2"   1974
MGR-002   "Sensational" Little Doc & His Rhythm Express "My Precious Love/ Mellow Dreamin' (Inst.)"   1974
MGR-003   Paul Burton (The Stinger) "So Very Hard To Make It (Without You)/ Pt. 2"   1974
1004   Vernon Young (The Exciter) "Make Love Tonight/ Pt. 2"   1975

Music World     West Columbia        only soul releases
MW-198   Carleen & The Groovers "Right On/ The Thing"
MW-236   Primitive Expressions "Hey Jude/ Caveman"