Najma     Spartanburg    1. 2. 3.
MS-1210   B. Hill With The Fabulous Dobbs "Wait For Me/ The Mess"   label as Na jma   B-side as J. Young With The Fabulous Dobbs
NJ-604   J Young   B Hill "One Girl/ It's Got Soul"   label as NaJma
NR 1944   Marlene King "Throwing Stones/ Gee Whiz"   1969
NR 1945   James Reese & The Progressions "Let's Go (It's Summertime)/ Jody's Freeze"   1969

Ne-Bo     Greenville    1. 2.
UR-750   Bobby Decker "Where I Long To Be/ Where Quiet Waters Flow"   label as Nebo
1544   Jackie Cheeks "Can I Get To Know You/ Something You've Got"
1643   Bill "Sugar Bear" Jones "Step Away/ May Days Are So Much Brighter"
1644   Bill "Sugar Bear" Jones "We Been Fighting/ By Myself"
2128   Howard Everett "End Of The Rain Bow/ Get Yourself To Gether"   label as Ne Bo   Music by Looper's Soul Band
2128   Howard Evearly "End Of The Rainbow/ Get Yourself Together"
5145   Liggon Young "Where I Long To Be/ ???"
5733   Jay Poole "I Love You/ Funky Music"

New Stars Record Co.     ???    
1001   The Sound Of Experience "What Did I Do Wrong/ Easy Come Easy Go"

Nightingale     Columbia    
N5102   Eddie & Ernie "Who's That Knocking At My Door/ It's A Weak Man That Cries"   not local artist

98     York    
FF1001   Bo Brown & The Swingin' Palisades "I Dreamed/ Dingaling"
352   The G. T.'s "Melody Of Music/ A Thing Called Soul"

Nu-Tone     Columbia   
RCR-65-01   Gene Anderson "Do You Love Me Baby/ Tell Me That You Love Me"   1965?
100   Six Voices Of Zion "I Am Bound For Higher Ground/ Get Away Jordan"   (gospel)
82701   Six Voices Of Zion "God Can Do Anything, But Fall/ All Of God's Children"   1969   (gospel)
919772   Six Voice Of Zion [sic] "I'll Be There/ I Want Jesus To Help Me"   (gospel)
???   Six Voices Of Zion "Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ ??? "   (gospel)
0090704   Wall Street "Show Me Your Love/ Let's Make Love"   1980   Durham, NC release