Non-SC and National Label Releases

Doris Allen     Aiken   
"A Shell Of A Woman/ Kiss Yourself For Me" (Minaret 149)
"A Place In Your Heart/ Let A Little Love In" (Minaret 156)   with John Hamilton
"Them Changes/ Bright Star" (Minaret 159)   with John Hamilton
"Hanging Heavy In My Mind/ I'll Just Keep On Lovin' You" (SSS 820)
"Full Time Fool/ ???" (Emerald Coast 16864)

Kip Anderson     Anderson   
"I Done You Wrong/ That's When The Crying Begins" (ABC 10578)   also on Tomorrow TO.5103
"Woman How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do/ Tell Her I Love Her" (Checker 1136)   also on True Spot TS-71001
"Without A Woman/ If That Donít Make You Cry" (Checker 1145)
"A Knife And A Fork/ Take It Like A Man" (Checker 1161)
"You'll Lose A Good Thing/ I'm Out Of Love" (Excello 2288)
"Watch You Work It Out/ Letter From My Darling" (Excello 2298)
"I Went Off And Cried/ That's All I Can Do" (Excello 2303)
"Your Sweetness Is My Weakness/ A Dog Donít Wear No Shoes" (Ichiban 266)

Clay Brown     Florence     (based out of Pennsylvania and NY late 1960s and part of 1970s)   
"Everybody's Talking/ ???" (Aljon 112)   New York label
"Talkin' Soul/ Nothing But Love" (Flame 415)   with The Invaders    Philly label     uncredited backing by Florence group The Third World

Tony De Grant     Columbia     (stage name of Paul Coleman)    
"Wherever I May Go/ You Told Another Lie" (Excello 2189)

Moses Dillard & The Tex Town Display     Greenville     (only releases produced while based in SC)    
"Iíve Got To Find A Way (To Hide My Hurt)/ Pt. 2" (Curtom 1950)   1970
"Our Love Is True/ Thank God For This Thing Called Love" (Curtom 1958)   1971
"Cheating, Teasing And Misleading/ You Canít Laugh It Off" (Shout S-248)   1972   Moses Dillard & Martha Starr & T.T.D.   also on Awake
"I Promise To Love You/ We Gotta Come Together" (Shout S-253)   1972

Ebonystic     Aiken     (aka The Ebonystiques)    
"Married To One In Love With Another/ Ainít It Good To You" (Scream 101)

Elijah & The Ebonies     Greenville   
"Pure Soul/ Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother" (Loren L-020)   1971
"Hot Grits!!!/ Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother" (Capsoul CS-31)   1974

ELS     Columbia
"Have I Lost You Forever/ My Loves Gonna Getcha" (Palace ELS-357)   Kentucky label

The Exotics     Orangeburg   
"Boogaloo Investigator/ Iím Gonna Never Stop Loving You" (Excello 2284)   1967
"Letís Try To Build A Love Affair/ Let Me Be A Part Of You" (Excello 2292)

Fat Jack     Myrtle Beach    
"Winning For You/ Holding Me Back" (Regency III R 1061)
"Beach Fever/ Sweet Sensational Love" (Sea Side SSB-045/05)   1981
"Hey It's Summer/ Carolina Sunshine" (Double "B" DB-10)   1983?
"It Must Be Magic/ ???" (Pyramid SE-860327)   1986?

Otis Goodwin & The Casternetts     Columbia
"I Feel It Just A Little Bit/ Sometimes" (Jazz ZT010)   1969   Philadelphia label
"Mini Skirt/ Real Thing" (Walker-Reeder 1747)   1969   Philadelphia label

Benny Gordon And The Soul Brothers     Allendale   
"True Love Is All I Need/ You Found A New Love" (Capitol 5367)   1965
"Up And Down/ (Get It) Come And Get It" (RCA 47-8953)
"Greyhound Blues/ In The Midnight Hour" (RCA 47-9144)   1967
"What Is Soul/ I Canít Turn You Loose" (RCA 47-9194)   1967
"It Comes And Goes/ A Kiss To Build A Dream On" (RCA 47-9270)   1965
"When I See Her Iím Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got/ Turn On Your Love Light" (Wand 1188)   1968
"Last Train To South Carolina/ Donít Play It No More" (Estill BG-17)   as Benny Gordon
"Give A Damn (About Your Fellow Man)/ Pt. 2" (Phil La Soul 351)   as Benny Gordon
"Give A Damn (About Your Fellow Man)/ Pt. 2" (Shadow 1012)   as Benny Gordon   Florida label

Hearts of Fire     Aiken
"I Want To Dance With You/ Inst." (Dit Dot IRDA 573)

J. Hines and the Boys     ???   
"Funky-Funk/ Pt. 2" (Nation Wide N-100)
"A Funky X-Mas To You/ Funky Funk (Pt. 1)" (Nation Wide N-100/ 1)
"Going Down- For The Last Time/ Can't Think Of Nothing (Blank Mind)" (Nation Wide 105)
"Camelot Time/ Victory Strut" (Deluxe 150)   as J. Hines and the Fellows

Toni Lamarr     Florence
"Just In The Nick Of Time/ Itís Too Late" (Buddah 10)   1967
"Iíll Do Anything/ If I Didnít Love You" (Buddah 29)   1968

Midnight Blue     Columbia  
"I Who Have Nothing/ Inst." (Motown 1506)   1980   also on Samarah 80145
"Enjoy With Me/ Pt. 2" (Enjoy ER-6019)   1981

Ann Sexton     Greenville 
"You've Been Gone Too Long/ You're Letting Me Down" (Seventy-Seven 77-104)   yellow label as with the Soul Masters
"I Still Love You/ Come Back Home (I Know I Did You Wrong)" (Seventy-Seven 77-114)
"It's All Over But The Shouting/ Have A Little Mercy" (Seventy-Seven 77-125)
"You're Losing Me/ You're Gonna Miss Me" (Seventy-Seven 77-133)   1973
"Love, Love, Love (I Want To Be Loved)/ ???" (Seventy-Seven SV 900)   1974
"You Can't Win/ Let's Huddle Up, Cuddle Up" (Seventy-Seven SV 907)   1974
"Lovin' You, Lovin' Me/ If I Work My Thing On You" (Dash 5019)   1975
"You Got To Use What You Got/ I'm His Wife (You're Just A Friend)" (Sound Stage 7 45-2504)   1976
"Sugar Daddy/ I Want To Be Loved" (Monument 225)   1976
"Love, Love, Love (I Want To Be Loved)/ You're Losing Me" (Sound Plus SP 2124)

Dynamite Singletary     Lake City   
"I Ainít Gonna Take No For An Answer/ Got To Get Enough (Of Your Sweet Love Stuff)" (Nation-Wide N-103)
"Super Good/ I'm Going Home" (Free Soul, Inc. FS-101)

The Soul Exciters     Sumter?   
"Shoot The Monkey/ Pt. 2" (1-2-3 P-1708)   also on Tam 8-9277

Sunday Nite Affair     Orangeburg   
"Chant/ Pt. 2" (Alaska 101)   Anchorage, Alaska label