Palmetto Artists     Lexington?   
8-9021   The Insights "I Need Your Loneliness/ It's Alright"   1968   Lexington group

Panther    Greenville        
PAN-1   Ward Burton and The Music Men, Inc. "Salty Dog/ If'n"
PAN-2   Willie Hammond "The One Who Really Loves You/ Lot's More Fish In The Sea"
PAN-3   The Bojax "Hippie Times/ Go Ahead And Go"   1967   (not soul)
PAN-4   The Bojax "Don't Look Back/ Fast Life"   1968   (not soul)
PAN-5   The Bojax "So Glad/ I've Enjoyed As Much Of You As I Can Stand"   1968   (not soul)
PAN-5   Ward Burton "Sweet Temptation/ ???"

P.A.R.     Rock Hill    
S.C. 120   Plair "Classy Freak/ Inst."   1985

Phenix     Columbia   
E2001   Roland Haynes & Phenix "Essence Of Jai/ Mind Games"

Pineapple     Easley        only soul releases
PA 6579   James Knox "Making It Good (For A Bad Situation)/ Electric City"   1979

Primitive     West Columbia    
NR3196   Primitive "Creation Of Music/ She Played Me For A Fool"   1973