Saluda     Columbia   
5104   10th Dimensions "The Bush Man/ My Love For You"   1972   Chicago group
5105   Willis Johnson and The JM's Funk Factory "Tell Me/ JM's Funk Factory"   1972   Washington, DC group   B-side as JM's Funk Factory
5106   Johnny Cole & The Mondells "Lonely One/ No Love"

Samarah     Columbia   
80145   Midnight Blue "I Who Have Nothing/ Inst."   1980   also on Motown 1506
10984   Twila "I Want Love/ Inst."   1985
10985   Drake and Company "What Is Christmas Without A Toy?/ Inst."   1988

Sambea     West Columbia    
SBS-101   Bobby Rich "I Can't Help Myself (I'm Just Dreamin')/ There's A Girl Somewhere (For Me)"   1974

S.C. Productions     Varnville   
8-9055   The Melody Makers "Why Don't You Love Me/ Lonely Blue"

Showcase    Ninety Six          only soul releases
SC-02001   Tanger Harris & T.M.S. Band "This Lonely Dream/ Get The Feelin'"   1982   B-side as T.M.S. Featuring Jimmy Graham

Smoke    West Columbia    1. 2.      only soul releases
1002   Soul Experience "I'm So Glad I Found You/ Who's Lips You Been Kissing"  1971
0158   Soul Drifter "Funcky Brother/ Pt. 2"   1974
0273   Mongoose "King Cobra/ Feel It's For Real"   1975
0464   Edward Campbell "People Stop And Stare/ Dark And Cloudy Day"

Sock    Columbia    1. 2.      only soul releases
S-1002   Soul Inc. "Funky Lady/ Pt. 3"

Sophisticated Funk    Spartanburg   1. 2.  
SF 101   Living Color "Plastic People/ Inst."   1974   Note: first pressing label as Sophiscated Funk and vocal featuring Bobby Williams

Soul City U.S.A.     East Hampton   
A - 931   Benny Gordon "La-La-La- I Am Falling In Love Again/ Suga Mama Suga Dady"

Soul Stars     Rock Hill    
PRP-39751/ 2   June and X "Sunflower/ Pt. 2"

Sounds South     Charleston    1. 2.
SO 14098/ 9   The Tams "This Precious Moment/ Hey Girl"
SO 15076/ 7   Eric Tig "Mr. D. J./ Heaven"   1978
SO 16053/ 4   Bill Pinckney & The Drifters "Plain Simple But Sweet/ Just Let Your Heart Be Your Guide"   1978
SO 16331/ 2   The Charleston Connection "Myrtle Beach (The Fun City)/ Inst."   1980

Soundtrack    Greenville    
ST-228   The Marvells "Funky Duck/ Hey, Mr. Sun"
ST 296   T. J. Gordon and Band "You Took Everything/ Pretty Girl"

Success    Columbia   
No #   The Brotherhood "Checking You Out/ Ready For Love"   1987

Sundown    Greenville         only soul releases
SDS 72479   Point Of View "Frisco, Disco/ Why Don't You Get Up"   1979
SDS 22880   Freedom Force "What I Feel/ Stop Running"   1980

Superior    Greenville         only soul releases
01129   Elijah & the Ebonies "Pure Soul/ Yes I'm Ready"   1970

Super Sonic     Columbia         only soul releases
SS 100   Frank James And Shadow "Summer Time/ Inst."
SS 2000   Spector "For The Rest Of My Life/ Nothing Gonna Change"   1980
SS 2002   Bert Barnett and Columbia "Ain't Nothing But A Party/ Party (Inst.)"
SS 2003   Bert Barnett and Columbia "Joy Into My Life/ Inst."   1981

S. V. Productions    Beaufort?   
MS 1200    The Melody Makers "Walking Up A One Way Street/ I Who Have Nothing"