Tam     Sumter?   
8-9277   Soul Exciters "Funky Monkey/ From My Window"

Tech     Columbia   
TP-1001   The Cosmic Band "Talking About The Fire/ I Gave You My Love"   1981

Tomaria     Columbia   
TR-1010   The Soul Aces and Charles Derrick "The Yo Yo/ You're Different"
MW-267   The Golden Harmonairs "Help Me Through This Wicked Land/ Trouble About My Soul"   (gospel)
33039/ 40   Robert Jackson And The Flying Souls "Back To The Old Time Way/ Oh Lord I'm Your Child"   (gospel)   B-side as Roosevelt Robinson And The Flying Souls

Tomorrow     Columbia        not all are local releases
501   Kip Anderson "Here I Am, Try Me/ I Get Carried Away"
TO.5103   Kip Anderson "That's When The Crying Begins/ I Done You Wrong"   also on ABC 10578
TO 5104   Kip Anderson "I'll Get Along/ I Can't"
TO. 5105   Eddie & Ernie "Thats The Way It Is/ Time Waits For No One"   not local artist

Top Hat     Greenville       
TH-1984   The Fabulous Bowties "The Shag/ Everybody's Somebody's Fool"   1984

Toy     Camden       
No #   The Soul Toys "Society People/ Thick And Thin"

Travel     West Columbia         only soul releases    
TRC 5309   Bobby Richardson "Case Of The Blues/ Blueberry Hill"

True-Spot     Columbia   
TS-71001   Kip Anderson "Woman How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do/ Tell Her I Love Her"   also on Checker 1136
TS-71001   Nat Hall "Money, You Never Get Tired Of/ Talkin' About Love"