Unidad     Columbia   
10   Lee Bonds "It's Not But So Much Love Can Do/ I'll Find A True Love"   1969
No #   Harry O Adams "Everything Gonna Be Alright/ Party Time"   1980s

United     West Columbia    1. 2.      only soul releases
U-0166   Linzy Washington "If You Want To Cry (Like A Baby)/ You Don't Know"
U-0278   Sundia "Stand Up And Be A Man/ Pt. 2"   1975   First pressing shows incorrect title "Stand Up Like A Man/ Pt. 2"
U-0300   Dirk and Tony "I Dig You Baby/ Sitting In The Park"   1975
U-0311   The Black Exotics "What Am I Waiting For/ Theme of Blackbyrds"   1975
U-0317   Joseph Bowman "What Is Love/ Fairlane Vera"   1975
U-0326   The Ufonics "Cut The Mustard/ It's You"
351   Mixed Feelings "Sha-La-La/ Love Will Find A Way"   1976
No #   Lu's Grooves to Satisfaction "Make Me Feel Real/ The Time Is Now"